Valerie Stull

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
MPH, Kansas State University

Departments & Organizations

MIGHTi Project (The Mission to Improve Global Health Through Insects)
Global Health Institute


Room 1027
Medical Sciences Center

Valerie Stull is an interdisciplinary environmental health scientist by training. As a postdoctoral research associate in the Global Health Institute, she is investigating issues at the intersection of agriculture, the environment and global health. Stull explores various aspects of food security and food sovereignty in a changing climate. She has worked in Zambia, South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, India, Peru and Palestine on research, health and agriculture development projects with non-profit organizations, donor agencies, and governments.

At the forefront of Stull’s current research is the MIGHTi Project, which assesses ways to optimize the use of edible insects for human nutrition, smart economic development, recycling and agroecosystem sustainability. MIGHTi is a collaborative research project with several multifaceted projects including evaluations of social perceptions of edible insects, the impact of insect consumption on the human gut microbiome, as well as the nutritional value of insects reared using agricultural byproducts. Outside of academia, Stull dabbles in poetry, is an outdoor enthusiast and advocates for social justice.