Nina Rembert

Graduate • Professional Certificate

Nina Rembert, left, graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2014. She double majored in international studies and environmental studies and completed a certificate in global health.

Where: She went to Sri Lanka during the summer of 2014. Her program focused on health disparities in rural and urban areas in Sri Lanka. Her five weeks took her throughout the country, visiting hospitals in Colombo, interacting with local professors and community members and discussing how the various landscapes throughout the country influence health and public health policy.

Personal Reflection: “I feel like a lot of people from other countries are familiar with the image of white American students, but many aren’t as familiar with seeing black students. At first locals didn’t really know if I was American, but once they understood that I was from the United States, they had a lot of questions for me that weren’t really applicable to the white students in my group. This experience made me think about my own identity. It also developed my group members to think critically about race, and it brought up a lot of conversations throughout the trip about caste, color and opinions on what an ‘American’ is.”

Advice: “Make sure to write down every detail of your time abroad. You will remember all the big events, but what is really special is remembering all the little things like playing board games with your host brother or tea time with your professor.”

By Olivia Riedel / October 29, 2015