Ifeanyi Mbah

Graduate • Professional Certificate

Field site: Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Tuberculosis Section

Homeland: Nigeria

Education: MPH, UW-Madison; completing OPT as Population Health Coordinator, Bellin Health, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Career plans: “I am interested in pursuing global health in infectious disease control and prevention. I believe in trans-border collaborations to improve knowledge and competency in infectious disease control, especially in overcoming cultural and socioeconomic barriers which drive persistence of preventable and curable diseases in addition to the emergence of new diseases.”

Why global health: “I come from Nigeria where I worked for several years implementing HIV, TB, and Malaria grants in several underserved communities. My interest in global health was born during experience in underserved communities. I was very excited to learn that the UW SMPH offered a certificate in global health when I eventually came to the United States to pursue a career in public health. I guess one of the most intriguing aspects of my global health training is that feeling you get [déjà vu] working in the field prior to obtaining the training to improve your competency. Such moments enabled me see how better or differently I should have approached some situations in the field.”

“Completing this certificate has certainly improved my skills tremendously, and I see myself building capacity in underserved areas that lack professional presence so that health improvement programs can run efficiently and become self-sustaining. … The Global Health Institute of the UW is a program that has helped me achieve my dreams by providing the best training available and connecting me to numerous resources that can improve my life experience in global health in the years to come.”—Ifeanyi Mbah

May 2017