Abby Novinska-Lois

Outreach Specialist for Communicating Health Risks and Solutions for the Climate Crisis in Wisconsin Project


head shot of Abby Lois

Lois received her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science with a certificate in Environmental Studies from the UW- Madison, where she chaired various justice and sustainability organizations, such as REthink Wisconsin & Students for Social Welfare. After graduating, Lois worked to reduce pesticide use in Wisconsin agriculture and has multiple publications on pollinators and integrated pest management solutions. While working closely with growers around the state, Lois realized many barriers to scientific communication, which sometimes lead to significant health harms (i.e. pesticide exposure). Recognizing the health of the environment and her community were inseparable, she pursued a Graphic Design Certificate and became a Communications Specialist at the Wisconsin Environmental Health Network. She concentrates on the intersection of climate change and health and splits her time between the Global Health Institute and the Wisconsin Health Professionals for Climate Action, where she is the executive director. In her free time, Abby loves painting, drawing, gardening, mountain biking, and camping.