Elizabeth Jaramillo

Graduate • Professional Certificate

Hometown: Madison, Wisconsin

Education: BA in journalism and Latin American Iberian studies, UW-Madison; Master’s in speech pathology, Marquette University

Where is she now: A bilingual speech pathologist in Milwaukee

Research interests: Developmental disorders in children living in low-income countries, especially Latin America, and how these disorders impact community participation and academic attainment.

The Certificate in Global Health has helped me actualize dreams and opened new doors for the future. This program has given me the guidance and support necessary to create and complete an independent field experience, through which I learned invaluable skills. The coursework provided me with a strong foundation in public health and allowed me to explore new ways to apply my skills as a bilingual speech pathologist. Along the way I have also built valuable relationships with fellow students and professors. My experiences through the Global Health Institute clarified my future goals, allowed me to make advancements in the field of speech pathology, and strengthened my application for MPH programs.” — Elizabeth Jaramillo

May 2016