Lauren DeVries

Undergraduate Certificate

As an undergraduate Lauren DeVries (on the left) majored in gender & women’s studies and completed certificates in global health and education policy. She graduated in May 2016 and has accepted a position with the Peace Corps to work as a Community Health Educator in Uganda.

Where: She traveled to Uganda with the “UW Agriculture, Health & Nutrition” field course. During her field course, she visited a farm, government institutions and different health center levels. The interactions in Uganda were focused around community building activities like gardening, school service and interacting with health care workers. Students also worked closely with the Village Health Project and the project’s work in Uganda.

Local to Global Connection: “Seeing some of the issues in Uganda really made me realize that the U.S. has many of the same problems. For example, The Village Health Project does a lot of work with water and sanitation in Uganda. Immediately, when I came back from our field course in Uganda, the Flint water crisis is all over the news. We had just been dealing with similar water problems in Uganda. In a sense it made the world seem so much smaller because a lot of the problems we have in regards to health are so similar. When you start to tie in history and governments that’s when these issues start to become more complex.”

Advice: “Take the time to know the people living in the communities you’re visiting. They know better than anyone the problems they’re facing are and possibly their solutions.”

By Olivia Riedel / May 25, 2016