Erin Chung

Graduate • Professional Certificate

Field site: Colombia

Hometown: Torrance, California

Career Plans: Residency in pediatrics in southern California.

Why global health?
As a lifelong traveler, I was drawn to global health both because of this personal interest in learning about other cultures and because of the gross disparities in health care I have seen both in our country and around the world. I hope to continue my work in global health as a pediatrician and to help fulfill every child’s right to health, regardless of sex, income, language, or citizenship.”

What does the Global Health Certificate mean to you?
“The Global Health Certificate program has given me opportunities and encouragement to explore new populations both in Wisconsin and abroad. I am grateful to have met many inspiring people who have given me ideas of how to integrate global health into a medical career and to have spent four years as part of this amazing community of like-minded people.”