Teresa Caya

Graduate • Professional Certificate

Teresa Caya is an M.D. candidate.

Field site: Nicaragua

Hometown: Cross Plains, Wisconsin

Future career plans: Starting a residency program in combined internal medicine and pediatrics in July, then interested in pursuing a fellowship in infectious diseases. Hopes to engage in global health opportunities as a resident and explore ways to integrate global health into her career.

Why global healthWe live in a world in which disease and poverty do not respect geographic boundaries. Better understanding health problems and cultures in other countries helps me to better diagnose and treat patients I see in the United States. Additionally, my Spanish improves with every trip I take to Central and South America, helping me to better serve my patients.

Completing this certificate has given me the opportunity to successfully plan and carry out a global health project and instilled the desire to continue participating in sustainable global health partnerships throughout my career.  Participating in discussions with individuals working in global health throughout the world as part of certificate electives has shown me the importance of sharing ideas and working together to effectuate solutions for the health problems we face on local and global scales.” — Teresa Caya

May 2017