Michaela Brause

Undergraduate Certificate

As an undergraduate, Michaela Brause studied community and nonprofit leadership and completed certificates in global health and environmental studies.

Where: She traveled to Ethiopia during December 2015 with the field course titled “Biodiversity, Food Systems and Health in Ethiopia.” Throughout her trip, she was able to meet with professionals, community members, non-governmental organizations and students who focused on climate change, agricultural systems, economic opportunity, health care provision and nutrition. Brause and the other field course students facilitated workshops with diverse local groups about food systems and health concerns in their communities, providing empowerment strategies for them to use to make local changes.

Local to Global Connection: “During my global health experience, I truly got to experience community building. We were able to learn how environmental, social, economic, political, agricultural and spiritual themes all influence how we see health. We got to facilitate conversations where elders, children, health professionals and other leaders all came together for the first time to passionately discuss how they can make their community a better place. Coming home, it has made me think about how I can be integrating this same collective passion and action into my daily life. I try to look for opportunities where I can listen and learn from perspectives that are different from my own.”

Advice: “This world is filled with some pretty incredible people. Each day, try to step outside of your comfort zone to learn what is important to those who are different from you.”

By Olivia Riedel / October 29, 2015