Jacob Berlyn

Undergraduate Certificate

Jacob Berlyn (on the right) is a University of Wisconsin-Madison 2015 graduate who double majored in biochemistry and environmental studies with a certificate in global health.

Where: He traveled to Ethiopia with the “Biodiversity, Food Systems and Health in Ethiopia” field course. Throughout his trip he was able to meet with government officials and university professors in Addis Ababa and other cities, as well as with community centers and not-for-profit organizations such as Project Mercy and Enga le Enga. Many of their interactions with Ethiopian partners were focused on the links between health, food systems and the environment and what policies and practices are taking place to improve the health of the country as a whole.

Local to Global Connection: “This was my first time outside of the U.S., and I really thought it would take time to adjust to a different culture. I was pleasantly surprised to find more similarities than differences among the places and people of Ethiopia. I only experienced a ‘culture shock’ upon returning home to the U.S. after being able to view the world from a new perspective. An important part of any career, especially one in global health or service to others, involves viewing situations from a different perspective. This trip allowed me to view my life back in the U.S. from a different perspective, having been exposed to life in an different country.”

Advice: “There are few things more important than education. The opportunities UW-Madison and the global health program can offer are nothing short of amazing. The opportunity to travel the world and learn from a different culture is afforded to so few people in this world so do not take it for granted.”

By Olivia Riedel / May 25, 2016