Anna Barker

Graduate • Professional Certificate

Anna Barker is a Ph.D. candidate in epidemiology.

Hometown: Greensboro, North Carolina

Experience: MD/Ph.D. dual degree student. She worked for two years at Cornell University’s medical school in Doha, Qatar. She plans to pursue clinical practice and epidemiological research domestically and internationally.

Clinical interests: The etiology and prevention of antibiotic resistance globally and mathematical modeling of Clostridium difficile transmission in the hospital setting.

Field experience: “The role of social determinants of antibiotic misuse in Harayana, India.”

“The global health certificate has provided me with an excellent foundation in international research that inspires me to pursue continuing global work throughout my career. I am confident that the comprehensive training I received through the certificate program will continue to influence my career trajectory long after I leave UW-Madison.” — Anna Barker

May 2016