Global Health Coalition


In partnership with the Global Health Institute, the Global Health Coalition is a network of registered student organizations (RSO), who are also Signatories of the Student Ethic, advancing collaborative advocacy on campus and supporting the professional and personal growth of student leaders. For more information, please contact us at


  • Collaboration: We manage online communication platforms for student leaders and organizations to share ideas, leverage partnerships, plan events, and grow collectively.
  • Professional & Organizational Development: We lead two to three meetings per semester providing an intimate opportunity to engage with experts on topics of global health and organizational development.
  • Ethical Advancement: As Signatories of the Student Ethic, we advocate for expanding the discussion on ethical complexities of global health work and improving the preparation of undergraduates to navigate them effectively.


With more undergraduates passionate about global health, the campus is becoming saturated with numerous related student-led organizations, all working towards similar goals yet competing for audience and funding. These students and their organizations also invest in powerful field experiences locally and globally, but find themselves unprepared for complex ethical dilemmas that may arise once they are there.

We realize these challenges we face as students are similar to those that even world leaders face today. Thus, if we can advance collaborative advocacy on campus and support the professional and personal growth of student leaders, we will not only improve the work of our whole academic institution but strengthen the leadership pipeline as well, ensuring the future of global health is envisioned and created inclusively.


Any student organization leader who is interested in involving their organization in this network should email the steering committee at