Hosting Visitors

These guidelines are proposed to clarify the role of the Global Health Institute (GHI) in hosting visiting health science delegations.

  • GHI will consider hosting delegations in coordination with faculty, departments or schools that have invited the visitors. Priority will be given to groups with shared goals and that have potential for long-term collaboration with the GHI. Delegations without a UW-Madison primary contact cannot be accommodated.
  • A UW-Madison faculty or staff primary contact will work with the delegation to define goals, activities and duration of the visit. This primary contact will also be responsible for follow-up after the visit.
  • The Global Health Institute will work with the primary contact to arrange meetings with appropriate faculty and staff and/or schedule tours of the UW Hospital or other clinical facilities. Scheduling of such meetings will be dependent on the availability of the designated faculty and staff and consistent with UW Hospital and Clinic guidelines for visitors.
  • Patient confidentiality, safety and HIPPA guidelines will be maintained if delegations visit patient care areas.
  • If language translation is necessary, an interpreter must be provided either by the visiting delegation or the host department.
  • Travel and accommodation expenses are solely the responsibility of the visitors or the host department.
  • Local transportation arrangements are the responsibility of the host faculty, department or school.
  • If meals are served, these are expected to be funded by the host department, though meals may be arranged and funded by the GHI if deemed appropriate and approved by the Director. University policies regarding the serving of food and alcohol will be followed.

Policies for Visiting Faculty and Staff would also apply for visiting health science delegations.