Sundaram Gunasekaran


Ph.D., Agricultural Engineering, University of Illinois, Urbana;
M.Eng., AID, Thailand;
B.E., TNAU, India

Departments & Organizations

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, School of Engineering;
Department of Biological Systems Engineering, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Research Focus

Nanotechnology and biosensing for food, biological, biomedical and environmental applications


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Sundaram Gunasekaran is a professor in Biological Systems Engineering and Food Science. His research focues on nanotechnology and biosensing for food, biological, biomedical, and environmental applications.

His research interests include:

  • Engineering properties and quality of food and biomaterials
  • Rheology of food and other macromolecular systems and hydrogels
  • Sensors and instrumentation
  • Novel and value-added bioprocess engineering
  • Structure function relationship in foods