Videos by and about the Global Health Institute can be found on several sites. These include videos of Global Health Tuesday presentations, the Global Health Symposiums and other events. All videos recorded at the Health Sciences Learning Center can be found in the Video Library of the School of Medicine and Public Health. The most recent videos are in the Global Health Institute Series; older videos are in the Global Health Category. GHI also hosts YouTube and Vimeo channels with videos recorded outside of HSLC. You’ll find the top and most recent videos below.

Other Videos

Climate Change is Affecting Our Health. Is There a Cure? | GHI Director Jonathan Patz | TEDxOshkosh

Discovering Pathogens and the Pathways by Which They Emerge | GHI Associate Director Tony Goldberg | TEDxUWMadison

Start small, change the word | GHI Assistant Director Lori DiPrete Brown | TEDxUWMadison