Undergraduate Scholarships

When students participate in a global health field experience, lives change. For some that means changing their major or intended career. For others, it means balancing compassion with the complexities of real solutions in global health. Students see linkages, complexities, and smart connections; they question their assumptions, cultural norms, and life choices. In the dynamic microcosm of the field course, guided by trained global health leaders, many are challenged for the first time to reassess their lifestyle, desires, and future plans.

Field experiences take students across the world, to Ecuador, Mexico, Costa Rica and Nicaragua; to Ethiopia, South Africa and Tanzania; to Thailand, Sri Lanka, China and Nepal; to Milwaukee, rural Wisconsin and beyond.

Your gift can transform students through GHI field experiences. Awards of $500 to $3,000 will supplement or fully fund a once in a lifetime learning opportunity. Awards are made through an internal review committee.