Planetary Health Fund


UW-Madison’s Global Health Institute, under the leadership of Director Jonathan Patz, is opening doors for Planetary Health research and scholarship that will point us toward a healthy future.

Humans have thrived. We live longer and better than ever, thanks to innovations in public health, agriculture and technology. Yet, as the population grows, as we consume more, long-term health and well-being are in jeopardy. The environment suffers, resources vanish, systems shut down.Make a Gift

This is the Anthropocene epoch: a time in which humans are changing the planet, and—because it is changed—the planet’s ability to sustain a growing human population is diminished.

Join David and Sarah Epstein to support University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Planetary Health Scholars Program Fund. With the Planetary Health Scholars Program, UW-Madison brings together graduate students and their faculty advisors from across disciplines who study how the health of the planet and the health of humans are interdependent. Together, they will find solutions that benefit health for all, leading us toward resilience and a healthier, sustainable future.

Gifts to this fund may be used to enhance or expand the program’s teaching, research and public service roles or to help the program pursue new opportunities and address strategic priorities.  Gifts may also be used for faculty, staff and student recruitment, retention and morale.

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