Undergraduate Electives

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The number of electives you must take to complete the Certificate in Global Health varies depending on choices you make about core courses and a field experience. Most students complete six to nine credits of electives.

Click here for a spreadsheet of approved electives

Important notes about electives

  1. Some courses are offered by multiple departments. Check columns B, C, and D if you are interested in a particular department.
  2. Overlap with your major and with other requirements is fine. Several columns on the right provide information about level (elem./int./adv.), breadth, etc.
  3. Some approved electives are sections of “special topics” classes or classes in which subject matter changes each time the class is offered. Read carefully: Some of the topics that share the same number are not approved as electives.
  4. Not all courses on the electives list are automatically recognized by the Certificate’s Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) audit. This is true in particular of special topics classes. If you have questions about your DARS audit, ask a program advisor.
  5. Class schedules may change. Check the course catalog for the most accurate information.
  6. Use the list to focus your certificate toward an area of interest. Are you interested in a particular subtopic within global health such as “maternal and child health” or “infectious disease”? Use the columns on the far right to identify courses you might want to take.

Credit for electives not on the approved list

If you would like to count a course as an elective that is not on our list, you’ll need to fill out a form seeking approval of your elective. Submitting a syllabus with the form is not required but is extremely helpful.  The first page of the form provides information about what kinds of courses are and are not likely to be approved.

Please click here to request approval of an elective.