Declaring and Completing the Certificate

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The Undergraduate Certificate in Global Health is open to all undergraduates at the UW-Madison. To complete the certificate you will need at least 15 credits of work in global health including:

Certificate completion checklist

  • Understand that there is no guarantee that you can complete all of the certificate’s requirements.  Completion is most likely for students who take the program’s core courses as early as possible, but there is enough demand for the core courses and some field experience options that formal completion is not possible for everyone.  We are happy to have all interested students try, and we feel that completing even some of our requirements can help orient you toward possible careers in public and global health.
  • Join the Global Health e-mail list to receive information about deadlines, field experience opportunities, and events.  Send a message with no subject or text to:  Follow the instructions you receive in response.
  • Join the certificate’s LinkedIn group to receive additional information about jobs and careers in global health and start building a long-term professional network with the program’s many alums.  Search in LinkedIn for “UW Madison Undergrad Certificate in Global Health.”
  • Complete the program’s online orientation, then e-mail or meet an advisor individually any time you have questions.
  • Complete a certificate planning form. The form will prompt you to figure out how you will meet the program’s core, elective, and field requirements.
  • Earn at least a “C” in all coursework you hope to count toward the Certificate.
  • Complete the online declaration form as soon as you have completed at least one of the core courses and are reasonably sure you will complete the rest of the requirements.
  • Audit your progress regularly using UW’s Degree Audit Reporting System, or DARS.
  • Apply to graduate in your student center. You can do this up to one full semester in advance.  You cannot stay after your intended graduation date to complete certificate requirements!
  • Watch for an advisor’s e-mail about your certificate status some time in the middle of your last semester.
  • After your graduation date, wait. Once the university fully processes bachelor’s degree, it can take as much as a month or two for formal completion of your Global Health Certificate.

Declaring the Certificate


All UW-Madison undergraduates with a GPA of 2.0 or more who have completed any one of the three core classes for the certificate can complete an online declaration form. You will need several pieces of information to complete the form, including a tentative plan for completing all of the program’s requirements.


The certificate has two declaration deadlines. If you want to declare in the fall semester, your online form must be completed by midnight on October 15th. If you want to declare in the spring semester or summer term, you must complete the form by midnight on March 15th. If you plan to graduate in a given term, you must have met the appropriate deadline in that term or you will not be allowed to complete the certificate.

Staff review:

Once you have filled out the online form and the relevant deadline has passed, staff will review your form to make sure that you have a plausible plan to complete the certificate. If staff approve your plan, they will get you formally declared as quickly as possible.

Declaring vs. advising

The online declaration form complements but does not replace in-person advising. We strongly encourage you to see an advisor for an individual meeting at least once before graduation.

Fill out your declaration form:

Ready to declare?  Visit our forms page.

Using DARS to track your progress

We encourage you to use university’s Degree Audit Reporting Service (DARS) as a tool to monitor your completion of the certificate. Basic information about DARS and instructions on how to run and interpret a DARS audit can be found here.

If you have formally declared the certificate, you can run a certificate DARS in your student center in the same way you run an audit for your major.

If you are not declared, you can run a “what-if” audit for this certificate. Go to the DARS portion of your student center and select “College of Agriculture and Life Sciences” as the school/college and “CERTIFICATE IN GLOBAL HEALTH: INTERDISCIPLINARY: CERT397″ from the academic plan/program list.