Cap Times: Danielle Yancey works to recruit and retain more Native American health professionals

In Wisconsin, Native Americans suffer from sharp health disparities. A recent report found American Indian and Alaska Natives were “vastly underrepresented in American medical schools.” Danielle Yancey, the first full-time director for the Native American Center for Health Professions, is looking to address that.

Wisconsin Without Borders Awards

Wisconsin Without Borders recognizes work that demonstrates outstanding examples of globally engaged scholarship by members of the UW-Madison community. Awards are offered to faculty/academic staff, graduate/professional students, and undergraduate students. GHI is a co-sponsor of the awards.

ScienceDaily: Nearly one in five Tibetan refugee schoolchildren has tuberculosis infection, study finds

A team of researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine and the University of Wisconsin-Madison said it has found not only a startlingly high prevalence of TB disease and infection but also a potentially workable strategy to eliminate the disease in a large, high-risk group. The program was established during a GHI Quality Improvement Leadership Institute.