Zika Virus


The Aedes aegypti mosquito is a carrier for the Zika virus. Photo by James Gathan/CDC.

In the last year, Zika virus has become a worldwide health emergency. As it emerges in Latin America, researchers are rushing to figure out how to contain the spread of the virus while addressing the repercussions. As health officials and researchers delve into the complex issues regarding Zika, including human epidemiology, clinical challenges, ethical dilemmas for women’s health, mosquito dynamics and ethical considerations, many people are searching for answers.

In the coming months, the Global Health Institute will continue to follow the developments in all fields regarding the Zika virus. Follow below for more information.

UW-Madison Zika Virus News

Articles written by GHI director Jonathan Patz

Zika scientific papers

The global scientific community is committed to sharing data on Zika to ensure information is available as rapidly and openly as possible, the Wellcome Trust reports. Two sites that are sharing Zika research include the World Health Organization’s Zika Open and the Lancet’s Zika virus resource center.

GHI will also share significant papers here.

Zika web sites

  • Zika Virus: What Happened When National Public Radio has created a timeline to track the global response to Zika virus and scientists’ understanding of how it affects people, with the most recent events at the top. Check back frequently, as they’re regularly updating this list.
  • Zika Virus: What You Should Know Johns Hopkins Medicine released a website that answers questions about the outbreak and describes ongoing preventive actions at Johns Hopkins.
  • CDC Zika Virus — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has multiple resources for Zika Virus news. The website includes travel notices, prevention resources, information for pregnant women, and fact sheets.
  • Short Answers to Hard Questions About Zika Virus The New York Times offers answers to seventeen different questions most commonly asked concerning Zika Virus.

Zika news: