The Oberlin Project

Project Lead

Robert Lamppa

UW-Madison Physical Plant

Community Partners

City of Oberlin

Oberlin College

Oberlin Municipal Light and Power System (OMLPS)


The Oberlin Project is a joint effort by City, College, and other community partners to create an integrated response to the many challenges posed by climate change, based on several practical goals. It is a small city scale experiment; an educational experiment; a model of homegrown sustainable economic revitalization; an improved foods system; a community-scale model of resilience; and for the future citizens of Oberlin, a source of pride that this community stood up when it counted.

“But most important, it is an exercise in applied hope based on a commitment to make the world more fair and decent while preserving a beautiful and livable earth.  And if we don’t stand for such things, what do we stand for?”  – David Orr –