Declaration, Completion, and Cancellation


Students interested in learning more about the Undergraduate Certificate in Global Health may seek advising at any time (see our home page for details).

Students wishing to declare the Certificate must:

● Be enrolled as a degree-seeking undergraduate at UW-Madison
● Have a GPA of at least 2.0
● Have completed at least one of the Certificate’s three core courses
○ Introduction to Global Health (Nutritional Sciences/Agronomy/Entomology 203)
○ Introduction to Public Health: Local to Global Perspectives (Population Health Sciences 370)
○ Global Environmental Health (Medical History and Bioethics 559, at least during spring 2012)

Students are encouraged to declare as soon as they are eligible to do so.  Students must declare at least two months before the date when they expect to graduate (that is, mid March for May grads, mid October for December grads).  We are not allowed to file new declarations during the summer, so students graduating in August should make sure to declare in (or before) their last spring semester.  Students who are not graduating but for some reason (e.g., applying to medical school) want to make sure the certificate appears on their transcripts over the summer should make sure to declare by mid March.

After completing one of the core courses, please make an appointment with a certificate advisor to discuss your actual and potential coursework, field experience, and electives.  To prepare for your appointment, please:

● Familiarize yourself with the Certificate’s requirements first, including approved electives.
● If you are interested in having us count a nonstandard field experience, please read the appropriate sections of this page before your meeting.

During your meeting, you will work with the advisor to complete a course plan and declaration form which includes both basic facts about you and a rough map for how you will complete the Certificate.  As time permits, you are also welcome to ask your advisor questions about careers, graduate school, or global health in general.

Certificate advisors generally collect declaration forms in batches.  These are reviewed periodically (a few times each semester) by the Director of the Certificate.  If she approves your declaration, your advisor will use information from your course plan to prompt administrators in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences to formally declare you.  The Certificate should then show up in your student center and in your DARS audit screen within a few weeks.  Feel free to check with an advisor about your progress at any time.


As of summer 2013, you can only complete this certificate at the same time you receive your diploma (that is, you must graduate with a B.A. or B.S. in order to earn the certificate).  To be on track to complete the Certificate, two things are particularly important:

1) check DARS periodically for both the certificate and your major(s).  Contact a certificate advisor (and potentially your major advisor or advisors) as needed to make sure that you are in fact meeting the requirements of all of your programs.

2) as soon as you are sure you are graduating in a particular term, indicate that in your student center (for a tutorial on how to do this, see the “My Academics” section of this page).

If you have indicated your graduation date within 4-6 weeks of the beginning of the semester when you intend to graduate, then you should be contacted at about the middle of the semester by a certificate advisor who will tell you either that you are on track to finish and that your DARS is fine or that there is some issue that needs to be addressed (because our DARS audit is a work in progress, in many cases, even certificate students who have met all of our requirements will need some manual DARS fixing by CALS administration; this is initiated by a certificate advisor).

About a month after your graduation date, a certificate advisor will check your Student Center to make sure that you have received your B.A. or B.S. degree.  If you have, she or he will then work with CALS administrative staff to get you completed for the Certificate in Global Health.  That process is often not finished until 8-10 weeks after your official graduation, and it must be finished for the certificate to show up on any transcripts you order.


Students who, for whatever reason, decide that they cannot or do not wish to complete the Certificate in Global Health are encouraged to formally cancel their enrollment in the Certificate program. To do this, please email a program advisor. Please provide your campus ID number and a brief explanation.

Formally canceling your involvement with the Certificate saves time for Certificate staff and opens up space for other students.