UniverCity Year branching out into county

Building on a successful partnership with the City of Monona, UniverCity Year is gearing up to work with its second community. This fall, UW-Madison courses will help Dane County tackle issues around sustainability and equity.

UniverCity Year is looking for faculty and instructional staff who would be interested in working with Dane County projects in the areas of economic development, affordable housing, frequent users of county services and water quality and nutrient management.

UniverCity Year Dane County will match county identified projects with Fall 2017 courses at UW-Madison.

Find out more about the projects and how faculty and students can get involved.

UniverCity Alliance covers Habitat III

This week is Habitat III Conference, a global summit on housing and sustainable urban development. UniverCity Alliance will be providing updates on the event, celebrating the work of our #Habitat3 partners from Mexico, Ecuador and Ethiopia, as well as the work of University of Wisconsin-Madison faculty member Shawn Kelly.

For coverage of and commentary on the event, information about the UniverCity Alliance Project and related projects, and updates on the activities of UW-Madison affiliates who will be in Quito for the conference, follow along at http://univercity.wisc.edu/category/habitatiii/

Daily Cardinal: Students, faculty kick off year-long partnership with city of Monona

The ‘UniverCity’ initiative will allow students and faculty to work on various urban issues such as housing and transportation.

The city of Monona will serve as the pilot location for the “UniverCity” initiative, in which faculty, staff and students from UW-Madison will work with the city on projects in areas such as parks and recreation, transportation, housing and economic development.