Araceli Alonso

Dept/Org: Department of Gender and Women's Studies, College of Letters and Science.

Cynthia Anderson

Education: M.D., Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dept/Org: Obstetrics and Gynecology, School of Medicine and Public Health;; UW Population Health Institute;; St. Paul Millennium College, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Lyric Bartholomay

Education: Ph.D., Comparative Biomedical Sciences and Entomology, UW-Madison. Dept/Org: Department of Pathobiological Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine; ; Upper Midwestern Center of Excellence in Vector Borne Diseases. Research: invertebrate immunobiology, including innate immune responses to infectious disease agents in mosquitoes, ticks and cultured shrimp.

Kayla Behnke

Dept/Org: Education.

Paul Block

Education: Ph.D., Civil Engineering, University of Colorado;; M.S., University of Colorado;; B.S., Valparaiso University. Dept/Org: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering;; International Research Institute for Climate & Society. Research: Water systems and society.

Gilles Bousquet

Education: Ph.D., Universite de Provence. Dept/Org: Department of French and Italian, College of Letters and Science.

Sabrina M. Butteris

Education: M.D., Medical College of Wisconsin. Dept/Org: Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine and Public Health.

Brian Christens

Education: Ph.D., Human & Organizational Development, Vanderbilt University. Dept/Org: Department of Civil Society & Community Studies, School of Human Ecology;; Center for Community and Nonprofit Studies;; Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. Research: civilc engagement, community organizing, empowerment and systems change.

James Cleary

Education: M.D., University of Adelaide Medical School, South Australia. Dept/Org: Department of Medicine, School of Medicine and Public Health;; Palliative Care Program, UW Carbone Cancer Center;; Pain and Policy Studies Group, WHO Collaborating Center for Pain Policy in Palliative Care. Research: Palliative Care.

James Conway

Education: MD. Dept/Org: School of Medicine and Public Health. Geo Focus: Thailand, East Africa. Research: Pediatrics.

Lori DiPrete Brown

Education: MSPH; M.T.S.. Dept/Org: Schools of Medicine and Public Health ; School of Human Ecology. Geo Focus: Global. Research: 4W Initiative (Women and Well Being in Wisconsin and the World).

Maureen Durkin

Education: Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison ; MPH, DrPH, Columbia University. Dept/Org: Department of Population Health Sciences, School of Medicine and Public Health. Research: Epidemiology, prevention, antecedents and consequences of neurodevelopmental disabilities and childhood injuries.

Krishna Ella

Education: Ph.D., Plant Pathology, University of Wisconsin-Madison; M.S., University of Hawaii. Dept/Org: Founder, Chairman and Managing Director, Bharat Biotech International Limited..

Katie Freeman

Education: MPA, Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

Daniel Gold

Education: M.A., International Studies/China Studies, University of Washington, Seattle;; B.A., Oberlin College. Dept/Org: International Academic Programs.

Tony Goldberg

Education: D.V.M.; Ph.D.; MS. Dept/Org: Pathobiological Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine. Geo Focus: Uganda. Research: Ecology, Epidemiology and Evolution of Infectious Disease.

Ann Grauvogl

Education: BA. Dept/Org: Communications.

Sundaram Gunasekaran

Education: Ph.D., Agricultural Engineering, University of Illinois, Urbana;; M.Eng., AID, Thailand;; B.E., TNAU, India. Dept/Org: Department of Materials Science and Engineering, School of Engineering;; Department of Biological Systems Engineering, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. Research: Nanotechnology and biosensing for food, biological, biomedical and environmental applications.

Cynthia Haq

Education: M.D., Indiana University. Dept/Org: Departments of Family Medicine and Population Health Sciences, School of Medicine and Public Health. Research: Socially accountable health professional education.

Monet Haskins

Dept/Org: Programs and Administration.

Tracey Holloway

Education: Ph.D., Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences, Princeton University;; Graduate Certificate in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs;; Sc.B., Brown University. Dept/Org: Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies;; Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, College of Letters & Science;; Civil and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering;; Earth Science Women's Network.

John Holton

Education: MS, Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Yoshihiro Kawaoka

Education: Ph.D., 1983, Hokkaido University, Japan;; M.S., 1980, Hokkaido University, Japan;; DVM, 1978, The Ministry of Agriculture and Fishery, Japan;; B.S., 1978, Hokkaido University, Japan (Veterinary Medicine). Dept/Org: Department of Pathobiological Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine;; University of Tokyo. Research: Influenza virus, ebola virus.

Richard C. Keller

Education: Ph.D., History, Rutgers University;; M.A., History, University of Colorado at Boulder;; B.A., University of Colorado at Boulder. Dept/Org: International Division;; Department of Medical History and Bioethics, School of Medicine and Public Health;; Institut de Recherche Interdisciplinaire sur les Enjeux Sociaux, Paris. Research: Social dimensions of risk and vulnerability during the 2003 heat wave disaster in Paris.

Nancy Kendall

Dept/Org: Department of Educational Policy Studies, School of Education. Research: Global development education policies and their intersections with children’s and families’ daily lives.

Heinz Klug

Dept/Org: Wisconsin Law School.

Neil Kodesh

Education: Ph.D., Northwestern University;; MA, Northwestern University;; BA, Pomona College. Dept/Org: Department of History, College of Letters and Science. Research: Health and healing, historical anthropology, methodologies for writing early African history.

Connie Kraus

Dept/Org: Pharmacy Practice Division, School of Pharmacy.

John E. Lange

Education: J.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison; M.S., National War College; B.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dept/Org: Senior Fellow, Global Health Diplomacy, United Nations Foundation.

Daegan Miller

Education: Ph.D..

Maria Moreno

Education: Ph.D.. Dept/Org: Office of Undergraduate Education.

Yusra Murad

Dept/Org: Communications.

Gregory Nemet

Education: Ph.D., Energy and Resources, University of California, Berkeley;; A.B. Dartmouth College. Dept/Org: La Follette School of Public Affairs;; Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment. Research: understanding the process of technological change and the ways in which policy affects it, especially related to energy and the environment and including consideration of health.

Christopher Olsen

Education: D.V.M.; Ph.D.. Dept/Org: University Administration ; Pathobiological Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine. Research: Zoonotic Infectious Diseases.

Susan Paskewitz

Education: Ph.D. University of Georgia; M.S. Southern Illinois University; B.A. Southern Illinois University. Dept/Org: Department of Entomology, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences; Upper Midwestern Center of Excellence for Vector-Borne Disease.

Jonathan Patz

Education: MD; M.P.H.. Dept/Org: Global Health Institute ; Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies ; Department of Population Health Sciences; Center for Sustainability & the Global Environment (SAGE). Geo Focus: Ethiopia, Brazil, United States. Research: Environmental health effects of climate change, Multisectoral solutions for global health.

Keith Poulsen

Education: Ph.D., Comparative Biomedical Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison; DVM, University of Wisconsin-Madison; B.S., Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dept/Org: Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory;; Department of Medical Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine. Research: Cattle health and zoonotic infectious diseases.

Anne Pringle

Education: Ph.D., Botany and Genetics, Duke University;; A.B., University of Chicago. Dept/Org: Department of Botany, College of Letters and Science;; Department of Bacteriology, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. Research: Ecology and evolution and the fungi.

Denise Roberts

Dept/Org: Programs and Administration.

Jeanette Roberts

Education: Ph.D., Medicinal Chemistry, University of Minnesota;; MPH, University of Utah. Dept/Org: School of Pharmacy.

Kim Santiago

Dept/Org: Development.

James Schauer

Education: Ph.D., Environmental Engineering Science, Caltech;; M.S., Environmental Engineering, University of California-Berkeley;; B.S., Chemical and Petroleum Refining Engineering, Colorado School of Mines. Dept/Org: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering.

Ajay K Sethi

Education: Ph.D., Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health;; MHS, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health;; B.S., Physiology, University of Maryland-College Park. Dept/Org: Department of Population Health Sciences, School of Medicine and Public Health.

Kurt Sladky

Education: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine; M.S., Psychology (Animal Behavior), University of Wisconsin-Madison; B.S., Meat and Animal Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dept/Org: Department of Surgical Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine.

Karen Solheim

Education: Postdoctoral Traineeship, University of Illinois at Chicago College of Nursing;; Ph.D., University of Colorado Health Sciences Center;; M.S., University of Illinois at Chicago College of Nursing;; B.S., University of Wisconsin–Madison. Dept/Org: School of Nursing.

Devika Suri

Education: MS, MPH. Dept/Org: Nutritional Sciences, Global Health. Research: Prevention and treatment of child malnutrition, food supplementation, protein quality, Vitamin A, nutrition and infection.

Gary Tabor

Education: MES, Conservation Biology, Yale University; ; VMD, Wildlife Veterinary Medicine, University of Pennsylvania; ; BSC Ecology, Cornell University. Dept/Org: Founder and executive director, The Center for Large Landscape Conservation..

Sherry Tanumihardjo

Education: Ph.D.; M.S.. Dept/Org: Department of Nutritional Sciences, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

Girma Tefera

Education: M.D., University of Pisa, Italy. Dept/Org: Department of Surgery, School of Medicine and Public Health.

Betsy Teigland

Education: BSN. Dept/Org: Programs and Administration.

Janis P. Tupesis

Education: M.D.. Dept/Org: Emergency Medicine, School of Medicine and Public Health. Geo Focus: Ethiopia, Liberia. Research: Educational Curricula Development.

Lynet Uttal

Education: Ph.D., Sociology, Women of Color in the U.S., Feminist Theory, Child Care, University of California, Santa Cruz;; M.A., Social Work, Social Work, Clinical/ Military, University of Southern California;; B.A., Psychology, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. Dept/Org: Department of Counseling Psychology, School of Education.

Giri Venkataramanan

Education: Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison;; M.S. Caltech, 1987;; B.E., Government College of Technology, Coimbatore, India. Dept/Org: Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, College of Engineering.

Michel Wattiaux

Education: Ph.D., Dairy Science, UW-Madison;; B.S., M.S., Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium. Dept/Org: Department of Dairy Science, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences;; Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. Research: Environmental impact of dairy production, especially gaseous emissions.

Claire Wendland

Education: Ph.D., University of Massachusetts-Amherst, 2004; Ob/Gyn, University of New Mexico, 1994; M.D., Michigan State University, 1990. Dept/Org: Department of Anthropology, College of Letters and Science.

Mary Wilson

Education: M.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dept/Org: Clinical Professor, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University of California San Francisco; Adjunct Professor, Global Health and Population, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Samuel Younkin

Education: Ph.D.. Dept/Org: Global Health Institute.