Undergraduate Certificate in Global Health

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About the certificate

The Undergraduate Certificate in Global Health is open to all undergraduate students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The 15-credit certificate introduces you to preventive, population-level, interdisciplinary approaches to health promotion. Working with faculty and staff from across campus, you will learn to recognize and address the root causes of health problems that cross geographic and socioeconomic boundaries.

The certificate is managed by the Global Health Institute and the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences in partnership with faculty and staff from across campus. It is supported by the Madison Initiative for Undergraduates.

More information about the certificate is available in the program’s handbook.

How the certificate helps you

Completing an Undergraduate Certificate in Global Health gives you tools to operate as a global citizen. Through courses and a field experience, you will learn to

  • discuss the global burden of disease, threats to well-being in varied settings, and the root causes of these conditions;
  • understand how practitioners from a variety of disciplines (health care, education, agriculture, engineering, nutrition, etc.) collaborate with local partners to improve health;
  • reflect on your values, ethics and assumptions, so you can practice respectful and mutual engagement with other cultures, collaborators and organizations;
  • communicate effectively with other public health professionals and with community representatives about measures being taken to address key health concerns in their communities, and
  • use your domestic and international health experience to become informed citizens in an increasingly interconnected world.

Download a brief flyer about the certificate and how to complete it.

Download a longer article describing the certificate and its field courses.

Who’s who in the certificate program

Executive Committee

Each student has an official staff advisor, but students are encouraged to contact other certificate team members by e-mail as desired for supplemental advising. Please click on any team member’s name to access a brief biography.

TanumihardjoSherry Tanumihardjo
Director, Undergraduate Certificate in Global Health
Professor, Nutritional Sciences,
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
(608) 265-0792
DipretebrownPhotoLori DiPrete Brown
Associate Director of Education and Engagement,
Global Health Institute
(608) 262-4801


Robin_MittRobin Eric Mittenthal (advisor, students last names A-M)
Global Health Administrative Program Manager,
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
272 Nutritional Sciences (map)
Office: (608) 262-3718; Cell: (608) 772-1091; Fax: (608) 262-5860
sweta mug shotSweta Shrestha
Assistant Director for Education,
Global Health Institute
4256 Health Sciences Learning Center (map); (608) 262-3862
1026 Medical Sciences Center (map); (608) 263-2518
devika mug shotDevika Suri (advisor, students last names N-Z)
Global Health Advisor,
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Dept. of Nutritional Sciences, Room 278 (map)

For and about our alums

Network with certificate alums and current students through LinkedIn — Our group is called “UW Madison Undergrad Certificate in Global Health.”  If you have a LinkedIn profile whose primary e-mail address is a wisc.edu address, you should be able to find and join the group without asking for approval.  If your account is linked to a non-wisc.edu address, you will need to request to join.

Get occasional updates through the certificate’s e-mail list for alums — To join the list, send a blank message to: join-undergradcertalums@lists.wisc.edu
If you are on the list and you want to get off, send a message from the address you want removed from the list to: leave-undergradcertalums@lists.wisc.edu

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