Global Health News

  • Tanumihardjo Sherry Tanumihardjo, a CALS professor and director of the Undergraduate Certificate in Global Health, talks to Grow magazine about orange vegetables and vitamins. Continue reading

  • Steve Carpenter Steve Carpenter, director of the Center for Limnology and a GHI Advisory member, talks with The Cap Times about solving water quality problems. Continue reading

  • BLUNCKSLADKYSLOTHweb Sloth research energizes next generation of global health leaders in One Health research with Dr. Kurt Sladky from Veterinary Medicine and GHI Advisory. Continue reading

  • olsen Christopher W. Olsen, acting director of the Global Health Institute, will discuss "MERS, Chikungunya and Ebola – Global Health Challenges Requiring an Integrated ‘One Health’ Approach" Sept. 12 at the first Global Hot Spots Lecture for 2014-2015. Continue reading

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